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For working with multi-accounts on different platforms


All you need

For solo or team work

Antik Browser is a new antidetect browser for working with popular platforms such as FB, Google, TikTok, Crypto, and bookmakers from the NPPR TEAM arbitrage team.

Our free services have already proven themselves in the community and have helped thousands of arbitrageurs solve their tasks with FB and Google. Most likely, you have already used them too. The launch of anti-detection was only a matter of time, and we did it!

Convenient. Fast. Reliable. Simple.

Only in the Antik anti-detection browser, team tariffs with an unlimited number of participants are available – you only pay for fingerprints.

Up to 7 days trial

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Selection and payment are made in the personal account of the Antik Browser application




up to 7 days

10 profiles





30 profiles





150 profiles





300 profiles


Team 500



500 profiles

unlimited users


Team 1000



1,000 profiles

unlimited users



You can create your own unique tariff to fit your goals and specific work features

Contact with manager

Full access to all features on every antidetect browser plan

Unlimited Devices

you can work with antidetect browser on every device with no limits

Unlimited Folders

use folders for workspace organisation and processes optimization

Unlimited Tags

use tags for quick search and sorting

Unlimited Proxies

you can store unlimited quantity proxies

Trash bin

trash bin helps you to restore accidentally deleted profiles

Profile transfer

share your profiles with colleagues, co-workers or friends

Local API

use all advantages to automate business processes

Unlimited team members

add unlimited members to your team

8 reasons

To switch to Antik Browser

Simple and functional interface
Don’t waste time studying manuals. Start working directly after installing antidetect browser.
Genuine digital browser fingerprints and relevant UserAgent
Minimal bans
Folders, tags, notes
Organise your workspace. Group your fingerprints, use new capabilities to easily work with your fingerprints in one tool
IPv4/6, SOCKS5, http(s) — easy storage of uploaded proxy list
All proxy type support
Fingerprint transfer to another Antik Browser user
Fast fingerprint transfer with or without proxy
Create several independent teams in the same account, share data access rights within the team for employees
Team mode
Customer service — BRO level
User support and onboarding, prompt assistance at any stage
Add extensions and favourite links to your antidetect browser to work with each individual platform without having to add them the next time you create a fingerprint
Fingerprint creation settings for different platforms


that we substituteу

A browser fingerprint, as a real fingerprint, serves to identify the user on websites

Antifraud system can «catch from the crowd» unique fingerprints, considering them suspicious. This leads to blocking accounts

Antik uses the real devices fingerprints to keep users undetected. With our antidetect browser you can control the following parameters.

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